Apr. 25th, 2017 12:56 pm
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Hi all, the switch away from any regime that promotes such sad hate-filled nonsense is an easy one for me, bye bye LJ, hello DW!
If you know me from LJ, *waves*, drop me a note and be welcomed.
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So I bought this top off the New Look website, it arrived and I loved it. It came in a big plastic protective cover, so I washed it, gently, according to the care label. Fully HALF of the bloody diamantes came off!! On the first wash!! So I get back on the new look website to find it out of stock. I emailed them, expressing my disappointment, and their customer service manifesto PROMISES to respond within 48 hours. I wait a week. Then I email them again, telling them I didn't want to return it, just have someone acknowledge that their goods are shonky, and that they'd look at their quality. I also tell them that it has cost me over £12 quid in replacement diamantes and adhesive to put it right. And I wait another week. I then get a generic no-reply email saying sorry for the delay, a gift voucher is being sent by way of 'goodwill'. Another ten days goes by. I got the voucher yesterday.
For a fiver. By way of 'apology for the trouble I've had with the website'.

What the actual hell?
Strongly worded letter going out in the next couple of days.
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I'm having a friends' cut honeys. There has been an influx in addage just lately, and not all have clicked. If I take you off, honestly, no offense, we just don't have much in common, or shared interests. That sounds fair, doesn't it?
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Comment here anonymously, with the following:

1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note. It doesn't have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. And a hint to who you are.

Haha.... funnnnnnn!!!!!!
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I am actually shitting bricks.
Shep is doing a charity motorbike ride this weekend....John O` Groats to Lands End. 887 fooking miles. He finishes work tomorrow at lunchtime, will come home for food and to get kitted up, then at around 3 is setting off with his co-riders, heading up to Dumbarton, where they will stay the night, then Sunday morning up to John O`Groats, again, staying the night, then on Monday morning at stupid o`clock they will head back down, all the way down, to Lands End. Then Tuesday he`ll head back home, hopefully arriving back here by late afternoon-ish.
The run is all in aid of research into Xeroderma Pigmentosum which affects two of my friends``s basically an allergy to sunlight and uv the boys are hoping to raise funds, and awareness into the effects of XP! Shep has managed to raise over £800 so far in sponsorship, hopefully he`ll be ok and get back to us safely!! I, meanwhile, shall be sitting here, biting my nails and waiting for phonecalls!!!
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It`s official. I`ve turned into the Bitch From Hell. Sorry.
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So, once again it would appear either someone on my friends list, or some sad lurker with nothing better to do has been making shit up about me, and telling another girl that I was in a transaction with, complete lies about me. Apparently I`ve been making bitchy posts about this girl, but keeping them private or locked so she can`t see them. Jesus...I`m too old for this. I really can`t be bothered to get into a teenage paddy over something like this, it`s really juvenile.
Just for the record, I really haven`t made any bitchy posts about this girl, neither hidden, private, friends only, nothing.
So...I think I`m going to have a massive friends cut, and go totally friends only. I`m only keeping people I know and trust, no offense guys, but I can`t be censuring my thoughts for fear one of you will go running tittling about me.

I`ve just hacked about half off my f-list. If I`ve taken you off and you want to stay, let me know. :)
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Read this and tell me what the hell has happened to humanity. :/
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Many happy returns to [ profile] greensue and [ profile] leslieanna !! Have fabulous days, both of you!! xx
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Those men in suits have struck again. There have been plans submitted to convert part on Camden Market into a shopping centre. There is a petition here , should anyone wish to sign it.
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So...what can I tell you about our trip to Berlin?
Here be an epic post...many, many pics!! ) endeth my mammoth tour of Berlin, all in all, it was a fab trip, much was done and seen, and I hope to go back one day. The next installment of Fiona and Shep take on the World will be our trip to Greece/Mallorca/Turkey/Spain in October. Stay tuned, folks!!!


Jul. 31st, 2007 09:49 pm
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Paid members should see this post which is offering a 3 day extention to paid accounts to compensate for the power outage that affected LJ a few days ago. Just in case anyone doesn`t have [ profile] paidmembers on their f-list!!
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The Transformers movie is THE SHIT!!!! Get out and see it now!!!
*I really, really need to get myself a yellow Chevy Camaro and call it Bumblebee. :)
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I had the strangest dream last night. Myself and the lovely Lucy [ profile] allmyshoes were having a proper girly evening. We had been shopping, bought all kinds of fabulousness, and had a top night planned at some celeb-type disco thing. But there was all kinds of Gone With The Wind old-fashioness happening too. As ladies, it was required that we took a nap before we prepared for our evenings` entertainment. So there we were, in our undergarments (proper corset/bloomer/chemise stylee) laying around on massive beds with drapes, satin cushions et al. We just chatted and giggled about nonsense, until Professor McGonegal (yep!) came in to tell us it was time to `arise`. Fast forward to the celeb-type was a modern day affair, flashing lights, music etc...but was entirely run by Hogwarts staff and pupils. Dumbledor was the dj, Filtch was on the door and Snape was behind the bar. I woke up just as Neville Longbottom was asking me what I wanted to drink.....

Now. I should qualify this as being the bizarre thing it really is, by saying I`m not a Harry Potter fan. Never have been. I`ve seen the films because I`ve got kids, but I`ve never read any of the books, and am a bit amused by the whole media frenzy surrounding it. I`m sure the books are very good, but queueing at midnight just to get a copy? Can one not just buy it in regular shop hours? Hmmmm.
I really don`t know where the Gone With The Wind thing came from, but I`m sure laying around chatting with Luce would be lovely!
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