Apr. 18th, 2010

redfi: (red lips)
So I bought this top off the New Look website, it arrived and I loved it. It came in a big plastic protective cover, so I washed it, gently, according to the care label. Fully HALF of the bloody diamantes came off!! On the first wash!! So I get back on the new look website to find it out of stock. I emailed them, expressing my disappointment, and their customer service manifesto PROMISES to respond within 48 hours. I wait a week. Then I email them again, telling them I didn't want to return it, just have someone acknowledge that their goods are shonky, and that they'd look at their quality. I also tell them that it has cost me over £12 quid in replacement diamantes and adhesive to put it right. And I wait another week. I then get a generic no-reply email saying sorry for the delay, a gift voucher is being sent by way of 'goodwill'. Another ten days goes by. I got the voucher yesterday.
For a fiver. By way of 'apology for the trouble I've had with the newlook.com website'.

What the actual hell?
Strongly worded letter going out in the next couple of days.

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