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So...what can I tell you about our trip to Berlin?
It was fantastic. We went really for the Berlin Beer Festival..I`d always wanted to experience the whole oompapah, massive stein of beer, men in lederhosen atmosphere of a proper German beer festival, and I wasn`t disappointed. It was great fun!! The festival itself was 2.2km long, only a mile, but every year, an extra 750,000 people come into Berlin for it, so it was extremely crowded, but there were plenty of seats, and more beer stalls then I`ve ever seen!!

Obviously we sampled a few!!

There were beers from all over the world, and we tried a banana beer from this was called Dju Dju, nice name...totally disgusting beer!! Ewwwww!!

After walking around for a bit, I spotted a couple of familiar was the incredibly beautiful in real life Suz [ profile] raygunrocket and her lovely fella Ross....we knew they`d be in Berlin, and we`d been texting each other to meet up, so we had a fab afternoon in the sun with them, drinking beer and generally laughing!! It was ace. :)

In the evening we generally staggered bimbled around, trying the various beers (top tip...Kirschbier, cherry beer, absolutely yummy, but beware, it`s 11% and creeps up on you!) and watching the acts on the 16 stages that were along the route. We found one fab band, complete throwbacks from the 80`s stadium rock era, cheesy as hell, but incredibly entertaining!!

and that really ended the first day.
The next day we got up, and decided to go to the museums. We`d been before, about 3 years ago, but thought we`d go again. We got the u-bahn (bargain...2.10 euros for 2 hours travel, on any route, that`s only about £1.40!) and then had a walk through the park to Museum Island, where most of the big museums are. It was beautiful.

We got to the Pergamon museum, but stopped for a bit of lunch first, currywurst and bread..yummy!! Then, on to the Pergamon.

The thing that had impressed me so much last time we were here was the Ishtar Gate. It was built in 5-something B.C as the entrance to the ancient city of Babylon, it took hundreds of years to build, and is entirely constructed of azure blue glazed bricks. It is stunningly beautiful, and almost entirely complete, which is incredible, given it`s age.

This scale model shows what the procession into Babylon would have looked like in ancient was amazing!

We also sat on..yes, sat on!! ancient marble Alter built in tribute to the goddess Athena, made from marble and carved with battle scenes and dedications to Athena`s greatness and`s amazing, and massive!!

So...after the museum we caught a train to Alexanderplatz, and had a walk round there. The dominating feature is the fabulous Telegraph Tower, with it`s glass dome and revolving restaurant. Shep wanted to go up, but the queue was huge!

Then we had a walk up to the Brandenburg Gate, which was lovely, but the whole area smelled of cat pee, for some reason, so we didn`t hang about. :/

In the evening we went for dinner, then had a little bimble through the beer fest again, but it was too crowded, so we went back to the hotel.
Our last full day in Berlin was spent at the Berlin Zoo and was 18 euros for a combi ticket to see both, about £11. I kid you not, it is the biggest zoo I have ever been in. We got in, after queueing for about half an hour, at 12 noon. We left at 6pm, and we hadn`t seen it all, it`s that big. The day was really hot, around 36 degrees, and there were quite a lot of people, but it was gorgeous just strolling around looking at the animals. Here be pics. :)

I have a million more pics of the Zoo...but if you`ve got this far, you`re doing well!! hahaha...
Our last evening was spent just chilling with Suz and Ross at a nice bar on Alexanderplatz, we drank big, cold beers and chatted, it was really nice. :)

We missed our train home, so after much messing around, got fed up and just hailed a taxi to take us back to our hotel! It was still really hot, the temp guage near our hotel showed 26 degrees at 20 to 2 in the morning!! endeth my mammoth tour of Berlin, all in all, it was a fab trip, much was done and seen, and I hope to go back one day. The next installment of Fiona and Shep take on the World will be our trip to Greece/Mallorca/Turkey/Spain in October. Stay tuned, folks!!!
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