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I had the strangest dream last night. Myself and the lovely Lucy [ profile] allmyshoes were having a proper girly evening. We had been shopping, bought all kinds of fabulousness, and had a top night planned at some celeb-type disco thing. But there was all kinds of Gone With The Wind old-fashioness happening too. As ladies, it was required that we took a nap before we prepared for our evenings` entertainment. So there we were, in our undergarments (proper corset/bloomer/chemise stylee) laying around on massive beds with drapes, satin cushions et al. We just chatted and giggled about nonsense, until Professor McGonegal (yep!) came in to tell us it was time to `arise`. Fast forward to the celeb-type was a modern day affair, flashing lights, music etc...but was entirely run by Hogwarts staff and pupils. Dumbledor was the dj, Filtch was on the door and Snape was behind the bar. I woke up just as Neville Longbottom was asking me what I wanted to drink.....

Now. I should qualify this as being the bizarre thing it really is, by saying I`m not a Harry Potter fan. Never have been. I`ve seen the films because I`ve got kids, but I`ve never read any of the books, and am a bit amused by the whole media frenzy surrounding it. I`m sure the books are very good, but queueing at midnight just to get a copy? Can one not just buy it in regular shop hours? Hmmmm.
I really don`t know where the Gone With The Wind thing came from, but I`m sure laying around chatting with Luce would be lovely!
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